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Platforms for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provide almost real-time analysis of events created by network security controls. SIEM gathers network computers, databases, domain controllers, and more security info. SIEM stores, standardizes, aggregates, and uses analytics to identify trends, recognize threats, and help organizations to investigate any warnings.

Combat Cyber-Crime, Data Protection & Risk Reduction

Our cyber-world is more than ever relying on technology and leading to cyber-age. Our businesses have all the digital data distributed to other computers through networks and cybercrimes is rising and serious. A breach of data could have a big impact on any business.
CybrHawk with its Fusion Analytic Threat Platform offers a deep insight and help customers rapidly identify and respond to cyber threats before there is a material breach. To archive this, CybrHawk can:

Collect any Type of Data Source

Platform based on AI and Machine Learning

Fusion SOC – CybrHawk encompasses detection, response, threat hunting, sharing of threat intelligence and data sciences. Build Your Security Operations Center on a Strong Foundation Get in touch, let us know how we can help you. CONTACT


SIEM Capabilities

Incident Response & Forensic


Threat Intelligence Alerts

Response Compliance

Log Collection & Correlation

Advanced Threat Detection

Threat Detection


Build your SOC & cyber security strategy with the right tool!

Cybrhawk SIEM ZTR provides all the critical tools: IDS, Intelligence risk, behavior, machine learning & cloud info. The goal is to provide enterprise with full and total control systems.
CybrHawk SIEM enhance your cyber capabilities

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