CybrHawk Threat Hunting

CybrHawk Threat Hunting provides customers continuous threat hunting. Our team of experts create hunting queries informed by data and research on danger intelligence, then run them in your environment to detect emerging threats.

Threat hunting vs Pen Testing

Threat hunting shows you who is in the world already and what they are up to. This deals with the current state of the environment and reveals what risks the organization is facing.

Pen testing shows you how you could get an opponent into your setting. This illustrates the potential damage done by not hardening the infrastructure by demonstrating how different vulnerabilities could be abused or by highlighting vulnerable this practices.

Threat hunting vs Incident Response

Risk detection using Threat Hunting is already seen as a crucial way to help assess whether hackers have already breached the defenses of an enterprise. Beyond helping the company find out if they are under risk hunting assault, incident response teams can also be helpful.

When the incident response team is called in to deal with a security incident that has been discovered during a search, they will be better equipped to handle the situation as a significant amount of range and triage was done during the hunt.

Actionable Information

CybrHawk offers actionable information for customers to begin hunting. Malicious Operations are collections of suspicious related activities that are extremely likely to be part of a security incident.


For reduce the time needed to identify new attacks, the ability to automate hunting processes is important. CybrHawk automates the detection of threats by removing the need for analysts to always manually check for precise malicious activity

Detect The Risk

We provide you with 100 percent network transparency using proprietary technology. It will be registered even if a threat isn’t identified. No other tool provides such an assurance scope – all customized to your business environment requirements.