How far can your visibility take you against today’s cyber threats?

How far can your visibility take you against today’s cyber threats?

Do you remember back in the 2010s when cybersecurity wasn’t a top priority? Cybersecurity is changing across the world at the biggest steps ever before. Recently with the increase of ransomware attacks and the direct implications to the economy, it’s important to reconsider your company’s cybersecurity strategy and where it is leading you! It’s common to see most organizations fighting against TIGHT BUDGETS; INVESTING ON MANY IT SOLUTIONS; KEEPING UP TO DATE WITH EACH ALERT.

Human Error vs Machine security?

CybrHawk XDR Visibility & Control

If Human Error was the biggest challenge before, it seems like machine security is causing more concerns. In consequence, the level of visibility in your network gives you the biggest advantage against cyber threats! Solutions like CybrHawk XDR have broken that barrier in one single console, making you able to:

  • Collect information from all data sources: Endpoints, server, cloud assets, and third parties.
  • Continuous monitoring and defense of events, Dark Web breaches, compromised credentials, external vulnerabilities, weaknesses and exposures related to third-party organizations in your supply chain.
  • Detect sophisticated threats and provide insights over the entire enterprise’s digital footprint.
  • Fully managed service, with low cost and fastest enrollment time in the industry.
  • Real Threat Hunting to identify attackers and their next steps to mitigate risks.
  • Incident Response & SOC to get an immediate help from world-class experts 24x7x365.

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