CybrHawk SIEM

Platforms for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provide almost real-time analysis of events created by network security controls.

SIEM gathers network computers, databases, domain controllers, and more security info. SIEM stores, standardizes, aggregates, and uses analytics to identify trends, recognize threats, and help organizations to investigate any warnings.

Main Security Features

SIEM Capabilities

Incident Response & Forensic

Log Collection & Correlation


Advanced Threat Detection

Threat Intelligence Alerts

Threat Detection

Response Compliance


CybrHawk SIEM Architecture

CybrHawk SIEM enhance your cyber capabilities

  • CybrHwak SIEM provides all the critical tools: IDS, intelligence risk, behavior, machine learning & cloud info. The goal is to provide the entire enterprise with full and total control systems.
  • On the first day, the organization inherits ready-to-use tracking software. We have already done the intense task of planning, constructing and integration. CybrHawk SIEM enables significant reductions in cost and time.
  • CybrHawk SIEM and its critical security tools will become functional as soon as it is turned on.