CybrHawk Firewall Analyzer

Auditing and compliance with CybrHawk

Firewalls have to be safe, configured and compliant at all times as the first line of defense. By combining standardized configuration data from any firewall vendor, CybrHawk provides total visibility of your entire firewall state. Continuously test firewalls for safety and compliance issues, and find vulnerabilities that a change might reveal.

Assess firewall rules and configurations across all the client firewalls, including new and next-generation firewalls, quickly and consistently. Contrast the firewall settings automatically with best practices vendors, find breaches of rules, and review access policies. Quickly find issues that can lead to breaches of security or breaches of compliance.

Cybrhawk Firewall Analyzer

Business Impact

Reduce audit planning activities and costs by as much as 85%

Proactively discover weaknesses in your firewall

Continuous compliance

Improved Operations

Specific solution with specific technological corrections

CybrHawk allows you to accurately identify threats in your network infrastructure and provides timely remediation, including improvements on the command line. Audit teams save three to four hours per device using CybrHawk (as compared to manual testing). You may tailor reviews of best practice or use industry compliance criteria’ out of the box’ (such as the STIG & CIS benchmarks).

Cybrhawk Firewall Analyzer

Service Offerings

Audit & Analysis

Risk Assessment

Security Posture

Rule Optimization