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What’s that dark web? How to get there and what to expect The dark web is part of the internet that cannot be seen by search engines and requires access to the use of an anonymizing browser called Tor.
The darknet is also used for illegal activity by pedophiles and terrorists, such as illegal trade, forums, and media sharing. At the same time, mainstream websites provided alternative functionality for the Tor browser to communicate with its users. For example, ProPublica has launched a new version of its website for Tor users only.

CybrHawk helps if business data is on the dark web for sale

Scans for stolen business records are proactive, automated, and analyst oriented. Through protecting your clients, you remain ahead of the game.

Classify risks from unknown internet sources

Dark web sites are markets for emerging cyber threats. These are rich intelligence sources, which are often relevant to a wide range of potential targets. Instantly, CybrHawk machine learning generates connections from dark web sites to other sources of threat, helping you to detect, profile, and mitigate risks to your company more quickly.
For order to make the best use of dark web data, you only want to be alerted when new and relevant information occurs and you can quickly determine what further investigation or escalation is needed.

Expand the Dark Web's visibility

It’s almost impossible to have the time and resources to manually gather, evaluate and aggregate information from the dark web, so CybrHawk constantly adds new, high-value dark web sources to you. We’ve collected material from hundreds of popular Tor pages, IRC channels, forums, and sites for pasting. The software also monitors criminal groups as they modify their IP and domain infrastructure as well as adding new outlets.

For a cause, the workers become a hacker’s magnet

Not because hackers are so amazing, but because third-party hacks or other data leakage has compromised corporate credentials. Discover stolen passwords and stop a multitude of years of attacks on log phishing.

CybrHawk Dark Web Management

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