CybrHawk Security Operations Center

A Security Operation Center (SOC) is a centralized position within an enterprise that employs people, procedures, and technologies to continually track and enhance the security posture of an entity while preventing, identifying, evaluating, and responding to incidents of cyber security. A security operations department and often a security operations center (SOC) have the task of tracking, detecting, investigating, and reacting to cyber threats around the clock.


CybrHawk SOC Models

Security operations teams are responsible for monitoring and securing many resources, including intellectual property, personal data, business systems, and reputation of the brand. Security operations teams serve as the core point of coordination in coordinated efforts to track, assess and protect against cyber-attacks as the implementation component of the overall cyber security system of an enterprise.

Virtual SOC

Reactive, enabled when there is a critical alert or incident art-time members of the group

Distributed / Co Managed SOC

8/5 SOC Operations
Semi dedicated Team members

Dedicated SOC

Dedicated Team Members
Technology In-house
Dedicated Premises
24/7 SOC Operations

Fusion SOC

Traditional and new SOC functions such as threat intelligence, computer response team (CIRT) and operational technology (OT) functions are integrated into a single SOC facility.
24/7 SOC Operations

Benefits & Advantages of Security Operations Center

We have summarized that the purpose of SOC services is to protect you from threats and to avoid and track suspicious activity. But let’s go a little further into the benefits of having a Security Operations Center at your fingertips.

Prevention of risks and attacks
It is a proactive approach to potential threats, i.e. anticipating potential problems. This stage involves actions such as analyzing possible breaches of security. It can also include an early system for threat detection, i.e. anticipating the attack.
Surveillance and analysis
This phase requires an in-depth analysis of issues and control of your company’s various security systems. This requires upgrading and repair and safety products. It’s a move of order.
Advocacy for cyber attacks
It involves taking action at this point. Has your business been subjected to a cyber-attack? The minute it is identified, the SOC starts to behave in protection of your company in order not to fail in the attack. It also provides an analysis of the attack and how it happened.
Implementing enhancements
It involves collecting all the information obtained in the preceding stages and suggesting a possible solution to possible problems. Several changes to corporate security were proposed after providing a thorough advisory service.