SOC As A Service

Cyber threats grow more rapidly than ever before. Add to cloud services and IOT it’s complex and hard to find the cybersecurity expertise you need at the ready. Few organizations have the resources to maintain costly, noisy security information and event management (SIEM) solutions and staff a security operations center that can investigate and respond to incidents around the clock. CybrHawk is the solution. Our cloud-based security orchestration and automation system eliminates noise and prioritizes risks to our SOC, with seasoned security analysts working with a wide range of cyber expertise. The SOC-as – a-Service can be a fully managed SOC, co-managed, or hybrid system to provide you with the peace of mind and security you need at a fraction of the cost to support yourself and your customers.

Why Cybrhawk SOC


Incident Response

As the scale and frequency of cyberattacks increase, incident response techniques become more important to the cyber defenses of an organization. Poor response to accidents could alienate consumers and cause greater regulation of government.

Scope Reviews

Our SOC analysts manually review all security incidents, automated system notifications are also tracked by our team and check for false positives.


You need instant insight into who, who, how, where, and how to strike when an incident occurs. Data from the activity log does not provide sufficient context to make effective decisions.

Notifications Real Time

CybrHawk address responses in several ways when specific events occur on a network. CybrHawk can generate real-time alerts sending emails or text notifications to a specified receiver .The software can also conduct an alert-related incident workflow, removing the need for manual action and users can be sure that no security events are missed.

Threat Remediation

Risk remediation refers to the process of detecting and addressing risks to their networks by organizations. A risk is anything that can penetrate your network to steal information, disrupt operations or harm your hardware and software. CybrHawk SOC service use a proactive approach for remediation service includes thorough Risk Assessment and deployed an In house Vulnerability management systems which identify zero day and suspicious activities using threat intelligence platforms.