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Incident Response & Management

Incident response is a coordinated approach to mitigating and handling the effects of a security breach or cyber-attack, also known as an incident involving IT, a software accident, or a security incident.

What does CybrHawk incident response team do?

A good response plan to incidents involves the development of a cross-functional team from different parts of the business. Any attempted incident response efforts will likely be ineffective without the right people in place. The group not only assists in the implementation of the incident response plan, but also deals with continuous monitoring and management, including day-to-day administrative command administration. Every member of the team should have clearly defined tasks and objectives. These are acts that take place not only during an incident, but also before and after an incident. 


Types of Security Events

There are different types and ways of classifying safety accidents. In one company, what might be called an accident might not be as important for another. The following are a few examples of common incidents that may adversely affect companies.

A successful attempt at phishing has resulted in consumers being exposed to personally identifiable information (PII).

An attack of malware or ransomware that encrypts critical business data across the corporate network

An attack on critical cloud services by a distributed denial of service (DDoS).

An unencrypted laptop believed to be missing from confidential customer records.

CybrHawk Incident Response & Management

CybrHawk allows you to accurately identify threats in your network infrastructure and provides timely remediation, including improvements on the command line. Audit teams save three to four hours per device using CybrHawk (as compared to manual testing). You may tailor reviews of best practice or use industry compliance criteria’ out of the box’ (such as the STIG & CIS benchmarks).

Business Impact

The response to incidents is not unlike any other information security element. It requires careful preparation, constant monitoring, and consistent measures in order to measure efforts properly. Continuing mitigation initiatives include establishing and monitoring targets for incident response, checking the incident response plan regularly
Different metrics used to measure incident response programs effectiveness may include:

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