CybrHawk Security Assessment

Cybersecurity framework is an actionable guideline for organizations to better manage and reduce these cybersecurity threats. The core of the framework consists of five functions

CybrHawk Security Assessment

CybrHawk security assessment provides a simple straight forward option to help prepare better against any cyber threats.
We provide a complimentary evaluation in 6 hours and you get a report based on your actual network traffic and threats identified in your environment.

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Cybersecurity Health Check


  • The key to compliance with cybersecurity and the review process is to understand the approach to cybersecurity as common sense— a matter of best practices for security and executive management. It’s about having a carefully thought-out risk plan, how your organization will respond to a threat or breach, and the action team.
  • Security threat assessment included comprehensive data collection across multiple levels. This includes events in real time, log files, application data, file systems, firewalls, and scanners. Experience shows that readily available information helps us to respond quickly while having no records can make it almost impossible to respond and recover.
  • All reviews will include recommendations and weakness identification. The answers of your company will include specific statements about what you will have to do to achieve full compliance. Start the cycle for scheduling and strengthening controls when the compliance review is complete.

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