CybrHawk Security Assessment

CybrHawk Security Assessment provides a simple, straightforward option to experience the benefits in your own environment. Unlike other trials and proof of concept approaches, this CybrHawk-managed evaluation only requires maximum of 6 hours to provide the complimentary evaluation summary. You get results based on your actual network traffic as well as a detailed report that summarizes threats identified in your environment.

Services of security assessment

  • -Key findings include suspicious activity across each stage of the attack lifecycle and risks that warrant further investigation.

Cybrhawk Security Assessment

Assessment Services

  • As a result of ongoing security research and public releases, vulnerabilities are routinely placed on the surface of the assault. Industry standards demonstrate that routine vulnerability testing is a core component of a security program for data. The frequency of vulnerability assessments should reflect the risk tolerance, exposures, and technologies implemented by your organization.
  • External Network Vulnerability Assessment: A Network Vulnerability Analysis carried out against the existing Internet-facing public networks to identify target hosts using their Internet Protocol (IP) address by listing exposed ports and services.
  • Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment: A Network Vulnerability Assessment conducted against your internal and private networks behind your firewall to assess target hosts using their Internet Protocol (IP) address by listing exposed ports and services.

Cybersecurity Health Check

  • CybrHawk Cybersecurity Health check provides a cost-conscious and efficient way to evaluate your IT security programs ‘ readiness. This helps business leaders respond to questions like, “Can we be hacked next?” Are we getting the best return on IT security money we’re spending?
  • CybrHawk Cyber Readiness Health Check will give you a clear picture of the effectiveness of your current cyber security measures and your readiness for cyber risk management.
  • Assessing cyber security helps to assess the readiness to identify, avoid, capture, and respond to cyber threats that are emerging.


  • The key to compliance with cybersecurity and the review process is to understand the approach to cybersecurity as common sense— a matter of best practices for security and executive management. It’s about having a carefully thought-out risk plan, how your organization will respond to a threat or breach, and the action team.
  • Security threat assessment included comprehensive data collection across multiple levels. This includes events in real time, log files, application data, file systems, firewalls, and scanners. Experience shows that readily available information helps us to respond quickly while having no records can make it almost impossible to respond and recover.
  • All reviews will include recommendations and weakness identification. The answers of your company will include specific statements about what you will have to do to achieve full compliance. Start the cycle for scheduling and strengthening controls when the compliance review is complete.