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Threat Hunting For Data-Driven Companies

CybrHawk Threat Hunting provides customers with continuous threat hunting. Our team of experts create hunting queries based on data and danger intelligence, then run them in your environment to detect emerging threats.

Complete Control and Transparency

There are different kinds of safety accidents and there are different ways to classify them. What might be called an accident might not be as important for another. The following are a few examples of common incidents that may adversely affect companies.

Actionable Information
CybrHawk offers actionable information for customers to begin hunting. Malicious Operations are collections of suspicious related activities that are extremely likely to be part of a security incident.
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For reduce the time needed to identify new attacks, the ability to automate hunting processes is important. CybrHawk automates the detection of threats by removing the need for analysts to always manually check for precise malicious activity
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Quality Process

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CybrHawk enables you to take action in real time, from IT to security to business operations.


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