Top Five Cybersecurity Predictions For 2022

Top Five Cybersecurity Predictions For 2022

Jacob Thankachen, Co-founder & CEO of CybrHawk welcomes 2022 by listing out challenges to counter and trends to watch for in the fast-changing world of Cyber Security. An un precedented pandemic that shook the world also left a trail of sophisticated Cyberattacks, as more and more people stayed put at their homes, working remotely.

The pandemic brought new challenges in 2021 with work from home and remote protection into the network. Many investments in technology made possible innovations in cybersecurity against ongoing threats that were getting stronger and rising more than ever in the hands of well-trained hacker groups that caused important economic impacts in different sectors. Cybersecurity has demonstrated to be the focus of attention in technology and for CEO’s to keep up to date and ensure data protection as well as visibility and control of the network. Here you will find what to look up to this year and how to get hands-on the new trends:

1. Ransomware will double its impact in 2022: Hacker groups are becoming much healthier and well-structured! They are no longer needing a front door and are targeting the supply chain and using third-party data breaches. Companies will start investing in tools like CybrHawk to protect AD, credentials, more visibility into the network, and deploying defensive methods to prevent attacks. 

2. Focus on Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) as a defensive method to ongoing threats: Defensive Forensics has become an essential method for its threat hunting capabilities and remediation against cyberattacks. DFIR is considered a reactive approach, but thanks to CybrHawk AI, ML, and Deep Visibility into the user activities, it gives substantial control to inform preventive measures of detected threats, making it an important proactive security strategy. 

3. Protection Against Zero-Day Attacks and patch management: Something that 2021 taught us is that we’re never going to be 100% covered against vulnerabilities! Zero-Day Attacks prevention and patch management allow us to reduce the exposure window in case any severe vulnerability will try to infiltrate our system in the first stage of detection. CybrHawk XDR tool is a major help by integrating all your data sources, including third-party vendors, you’d see all the movements in one single panel glass of control, including vulnerability management and the Antivirus data to analyze your risk and security measures.

4. Cybersecurity based on a Preventive approach combined with detection and response: Multilayered preventive protection has demonstrated to keep being the future of cyber security. Adding CybrHawk SOC is necessary to harden your cybersecurity approach by combining the system Unprecedented Visibility of the network and cybersecurity & threat hunting experts that continuously monitor any vulnerability of risk 24x7x365 to decrease the probability of being the target of an attack.

5. Deception Security as a Proactive Approach against attacks: Now companies turned the tables to bait attackers in their own game! CyberHawk Deception Security allows you to bait and lure the hackers into honeypots and decoys into false assets to identify their presence and raise the alarms before they infiltrate your system. It’s also enough time to study their methods and stop an attacker’s movements.

Our focus is on XDR technology that gives forensics insights into Deep Visibility, Detection, and Response to ongoing threats with a team of cybersecurity experts and Threat Hunters who are continually offering advances, recommendations, and improvements to their security systems to reduce your risk threshold!

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